Evaluation: Feedback

This is a video showing 4 people’s feedback on my work.

I have a screenshot of some written feedback on my video on Facebook shown below:



Evaluation Point 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have used the following technology in my final piece:

Software’s and Programmes

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


I used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for the bulk of the editing because it is a programme that I’m accustomed to; while it has a large learning curve, it allowed me to create a plethora of effects and titles to match my finished piece. Below there are screenshots of the editing process with captions for an insight of the whole process:

Microsoft Word


Microsoft word was used as my primary document writer and typing software, as it is easy to use, and helped in creating documents while befitted the final film, such as the script for the final film. Having the script was an important part of the film, as the actors spoke the lines fluently.



YouTube allowed me to upload all videos related to my coursework (including my final film) for free and was easily embeddable into my blog posts. The simplicity of YouTube and free features was easily the best choice for my uploads. YouTube also allowed me to check onto my video’s statistics and views, giving me a more detailed evaluation.



WordPress is the blog site which I use to neatly show all of my coursework. It is a free website which allows you to easily own a blog, and is very simple to use. I chose tis website as it is easy to attach media and writing together, to create an easily viewable blog.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft_PowerPoint_2013_logo_svgMicrosoft PowerPoint gave me clean presentations which I uploaded onto my blog. The programme is relatively easy to use, and the file type is easily supported by many programmes. It allowed me to present my coursework on a smaller footprint, with revolving slides onto a single page, which saved me space, and made my blog look relatively neater.

Snipping Tool


Snipping Tool allowed me to take screenshots of my work; unlike using the Print Screen button on a keyboard, I could highlight the area I wanted to take a screenshot, which saved me time in where I would usually have to crop out unwanted parts of photos.


AMD-Based Personal Computer


This is my personal computer which I used to edit my final film, and perform computerised tasks running all software above. It’s running Windows 10, and has high specs to carry all the load of high resolution video editing.

Canon EOS 6D with 24-105 mm Lens


This is the camera I used to film all of my coursework (including my final piece). I used this camera because having a DSLR helped in shooting in low light conditions, which was useful specially in filming a dark genre such as Film-Noir. The lens also allowed me to take advantage of the manual focus, which gave me the option to pull of shots such as focus pulls and extreme close-ups.

Pen & Paper


Arguably the most useful technology I have used in the production of my coursework and the final film. Having a pen and paper at hand allowed me to quickly jot down notes and share it with the members of my group.

Evaluation Point 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Clicking the images will bring up a detailed analysis on each screenshot.